November 26, 2008

First Post and a Broken Toe

Well, this is the first post on my new blog. I finally switched to blogger which has more features than the blog site I was on before. If you want to see any of my past posts on my old blog go to:

I don't have much to talk about now bird wise as I have been kept from any real birding for the past week as I have a broken pinky toe which isn't fun. It is not quite easy to get around to see any birds. As moms always says-DON'T RUN THROUGH THE HOUSE! I guess I understand why they say that. I broke it by hitting it on a table leg while running in the house. Ouch! I went to the doctor the next day and they said the bone was split down the middle so I have to be on crutches for two weeks so the bone doesn't move or else I'll have to get pins. That doesn't quite sound like fun. All this for one stupid pinky toe!

In good news, it looks like I may head up to Duluth, MN this January for a guided tour ($35) by Kim Eckert, a local birding expert. I really want to get some northern owls, woodpeckers, finches and other birds on my list. Besides who would pass up an opportunity to see a Great Gray and Northern Hawk Owl with someone who knows where to find them at! Now it is all up to my parents too decide if I can go (oh I wish I could drive).

Anyways, enjoy the blog and thanks for visiting!

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