February 6, 2009

The Cardinals are Calling

You know that spring is coming before long when the cardinals begin singing. This morning I heard one of the first singing Northern Cardinals males this year.Even though it doesn't even look like spring is going to come anytime soon they can somehow tell that it isn't far off. I am guessing that the earlier rising sun is one indicator to birds that it is getting closer to breeding season.

A number of the birds around my place are more vocal and territorial than they were just a couple weeks ago. Many birds are beginning to pair up and are probably going to start nesting here before long. Migration has even begun and some non-wintering migrants are starting to make their way north in small numbers.

I made a video with my camera this morning. It doesn't show any birds visibly present but I mostly taped it to record the cardinal singing.

Spring is coming, just not as soon as I would like!

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