May 12, 2009

Indianapolis 500 Qualifying

My dad and I drove 12 hours straight to Indianapolis, IN to watch race car drivers attempt to qualify for the Indianapolis 500, the greatest race in the world this past week. This is a time when the drivers practice and then qualify to get the chance to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We both enjoyed the weekend and I have found a new love for racing. The track is 2.5 miles around and it takes the cars 40 seconds to travel that distance meaning that they go over 220 mph! They measure their speed down to the thousandth and every number counts. Every mph counts here and even one or two mph too low could mean getting knocked out of the race line-up.

Danica Patrick!

My dad has for many year been a race addict since he first went there when he was young. He says that racing to him is like birds to me. He used to race at local tracks and always loved what he did. It had been a number of years since he was able to come to Indianapolis to watch the cars so he was VERY excited to be going there once again. This year was especially exciting for him for a couple reasons.

The first was that I was going and could enjoy it with him. The second was that he got to go into the Pagoda (pictured below) , a large ten story tower overlooking the race track, and meet a number of well known radio announcers for the race.

The view from the Pagoda was amazing and it was neat to go where few people are allowed.
It was a neat trip and I will never forget it. We were also able to see a car crash into the wall between the first and second turn there. Luckily the driver was okay.

I almost forgot the birds. I didn't see many since I really didn't have any time to go birdwatching but had some birds that I don't usually see back home-Northern Mockingbird and Tufted Titmouse. I can't wait to go again and can't wait to tell you all about the birds I see the next time I'm out there.

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