June 19, 2009

Favorite Bird (post #100)

For post number 100 I decided to tell about my favorite bird, the Blue Grosbeak. One reason that I like them is that they are beautiful birds with a neat blue body and chestnut wing bars. I especially like their thick beaks, which, when seen in the right light, seem glossy. To see a better photo of a Blue Grobeak click on the link below:

I enjoy hearing them sing their unique song every spring and summer as I ride my bike down the gravel roads.

Another thing that I like so much about them is the fact that the only areas in Iowa where you regularly see them is in the west, where I live. We kind of have them all to ourselves. I love to tell all of the central and eastern Iowa birders at the ornithologist union meetings of the Blue Grosbeaks I have had in my yard.

So what's not to like about this bird?


J'ellen said...

I recently got my first photo of a blue grosbeak, too, and it didn't come out sharp either. But they are such pretty, distinct birds.

dAwN said...

I love the blue grosbeak sister gets them coming thru the end of april at her yard in nc..I look forward to being there and seeing them!