November 14, 2009

Smile for the Camera

Last fall I came across dozens of LeConte's Sparrows just like the one pictured above. Unlike most other sparrows they would actually sit within a few feet of me as I took pictures, probably thinking that they were well camouflaged in the grass and that I couldn't see them. Maybe one day I will find a Savannah Sparrow that is just as cooperative. This brave little LeConte's certainly wasn't camera shy!


The Early Birder said...

Nice capture Tucker. Smart bird keeping so still in its camouflaged

Ali Iyoob said...

Still haven't seen one.

Kelly said...

...lovely shot of the LeConte's! I hope you find a friendly Savannah Sparrow. I saw several this summer, but they were definitely not interested in being photographed!

Chris Petrak said...

Great photo - and good bird. You've got all the info for a positive ID. They're are accidental in my neighborhood.