May 13, 2010

Sioux City Ruined the Internet

I live near Sioux City, IA, now known as the city that ruined the Internet, as said on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. An indescribably lame video was put on YouTube to "sell Sioux City" to people.
You just have to see for yourself.

The video was so bad that they have now made T-Shirts saying that "Sioux City Ruined the Internet" and this story was put on the front page of the newspaper 2 days in a row! This video has had over 100,000 views.


Lexi Lutter said...

HAHAHAH!!! Mom sent me this. So funny! I want more bird blogging Tucker! You've been slacking!! (which I know is because you are outside actually LOOKING at the birds....)


Ceska said...

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