December 2, 2008

Injured Pelican

Today in the local newspaper was a story about an injured American White Pelican that was found at a local park. The pelican has a nasty tear on the bottom of the bill, presumably preventing it from eating. I went out to the park this afternoon to go get some photos of it while it was still there. I got within 20 feet and it didn't seen to mind me as it stayed asleep for some time before it finally woke up. After a while of photo taking I finally got some nice ones. The cattails made it hard to take photos and most of the time he was asleep so it was a challenge to get a photo of the bill because it was tucked away out of sight. Despite the efforts of animal control the bird is still out there although they have been trying to capture him for a couple days now. Below is a close up of the bill which clearly shows the tear.

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