September 15, 2009

Going to Camp Chiricahua in 2010!

In July of 2010 I am going to be attending Camp Chiricahua, a Victor Emanuel Nature Tour, focused on the birds and other fauna and flora of SE Arizona. 14 young birders ages 14-18 including myself will be traveling around the area in search of some of the many neat birds that call the area home. Many birds very exotic to me such as Elf Owls, Elegant Trogons and Flame-colored Tanagers should to be seen on this trip along with numerous other birds. To read more about this trip and to see what was seen on other past trips go to:


Bill Bossman said...

Happy Birthday, Tucker! I am so happy you will be going to Camp Chiricahua next year. I fully expect you to be at 400 life birds by the end of that trip.

dAwN said...

oh very exciting! you will have a blast..I love birding in Arizona.