December 10, 2009

There is an ANGRY MOB in My Yard!!!

Hopefully that title got your attention. Today while out in my yard I noticed a large group of birds (particularly the Blue Jays) looking at one particular hole in a tree and after doing so they would fly away calling as loudly as they could. I figured there was an Eastern Screech-Owl in the tree and when I went up there it was no surpise that one immediately flew out. I followed the angry mob of birds through my yard and caught up once again with the owl and got a photo of it hissing at the other birds! It is not every day that you get to see such interactions between birds.


Carol said...

You don't see a face like that everyday. Looks like it could take a finger off.

Chris Petrak said...

Terrific photo - and a hint of why the jays have such animosity toward owls.

Jann said...

How fabulous you have jays and owls in your yard! Love the header shot! And the owl too, not easy to get. Thanks for the bird ID on my blog recently; I did figure it was a red-tailed hawk but wasn't sure. The real live hawks don't seem to match any guide photos, what w/ the diff phases.