January 3, 2009

Cold CBC Birding

Today was the Ponca CBC in NE Nebraska. The high temperature of 34 for the day was at six in the morning and after that it dropped off and freezing rain moved in. We only saw about 20 species during the whole morning and we were downright frozen at times.
We started our morning owling at Ponca State Park before the cold and rain came in and scared all of the birds off. We tried several locations for Eastern-screech and Barred Owls and saw the screech owls only. After a while of tape playing a screech owl responded to our tape once and was not heard again. Another one flew across the road as we were driving through the park.
When the time came to get assigned areas we went up to the visitor center and got things figured out. We went to Buckskin Hills WMA and saw a small number of birds as we went along with a Belted Kingfisher being the most interesting. Besides that all the birds were the ones you would expect there at this time of the year.

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Parus said...

Very nice Tucker! that's more Screech Owls than I've seen in several months.