January 18, 2009

Scout Camp Birds

Our local boyscout troop went out camping this past weekend in the cold winter weather. In all honesty the thirty-degree temperatures made it feel like a heat wave! This is about 50 degrees warmer than it was a few days before we went camping so this was an improvement. While we went around camp, I of course payed some attention to the birds in the area. There was plenty of bird activity to keep me occupied. One bird that came as a surprise was a Red-headed Woodpecker. These birds can be found fairly easily in our area during the summer but they are rare in the winter. A Barred Owl was another nice find during the weekend. We were taking a night hike when I heard one call from the distance. I tried to imitate it's call but all it did was make him stop calling. Bald Eagles, Rough-legged Hawk, Northern Flicker, American Robin, and Cedar Waxwings as well as the more common birds were also around making for a nice assortment of birds.

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