January 10, 2009

2009 Birding So Far

2009 has been a fun year so far. I currently have 51 species on my year list, with Yellow-billed Loon being the most interesting species so far. Here are a few pics of birds I've seen since my last post.

I decided to stick a feeder to my bedroom window so I would be able to see the birds from my room. A Hairy Woodpecker was one of the first birds to come to the suet feeder, followed by many more birds. I do get a little mad when they come to the feeder and start pecking away when I'm trying to sleep.
A Northern Pintail pair have taken up residence in a pond off the Interstate in Sioux City, IA. Despite the cold temperatures they are still around. When I went to get pictures of them they swam right into the fountain!
This picture shows a Northern Shrike in flight. My mom and I saw it when we were out and about and tried to get a picture of him but he was a little stubborn.

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I'll have them keep the loppers at home (-: