March 11, 2009

The Birds Are Moving (slowly)

As I type this the temps outside are in the single digits (5 degrees to be exact). As you may be able to guess we are still waiting for the waterfowl pour in. I have seen no divers or dabblers anywhere this spring except for Blue Lake, which is a ways to the south. The geese have been seen on and off but nothing sectacular.
Last week we had a warm-up allowing for some birds to make their way north. I had the first Killdeer of the year fly over my yard, as well as four species of geese. One thing that also caught my attention was a group of 22 American Crows flying over. Crows are certainly not unexpected here, but I have never seen that many in a group over my house.
I hope that warmer weather comes soon since this winter has been unusually long and cold. Looking back to last year waterfowl migration was at it's peak about now, but they just haven't come this far north yet. I remember seeing lots of birds migrating in late February last year but this year is different. I guess I will just have to wait.....


The Early Birder said...

From all the blogs I follow from your side of the Atlantic you definitely seem to be experiencing harder conditions than normal with everyone wishing for warmer weather. I hope it's not too far away so you can monitor the spring migration & tell us all about it.
Best wishes, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tucker -

Just saw your Sax Zim trip reports. VERY cool that Boreal was your 300th. Fantastic bird, totally sporty. I'm working on an issue of the ABA's young birder newsletter and would really like to feature maybe even a snippet of your trip report - especially the part where you ticked the Boreal. If you'd be interested in your report being featured in the newsletter, we'd love it. It would be great to add the photo of the bird too, if you'd like. Let me know if you'd be interested in this. My email is:


Jen Brumfield