March 18, 2009

Four Butterfly Lifers

Today I picked up the Kaufman Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America from the library and used it to identify some of the butterflies I had photographed last summer.I was glad to identify them so easily (even the skippers!). It only took me a couple minutes each. My four butterfly lifers are: Least Skipper, Red-spotted Purple, Silver Spotted Skipper, and White Admiral. Kenn and Jim Brock sure did a wonderful job with the butterfly guide, which is very easy to use. I guess I am becoming a leodeprodist as well as an ornithologist!
The first butterfly in the list, the Least Skipper, I noticed in the flowers at my house in Iowa.
The Red-spotted Purple was in a bush that had tons of flowers on it in my neighborhood.
This Silver-spotted Skipper was in the same bush as the Red-spotted Purple.
The White Admiral was at Itasca State Park and is my favorite of my butterfly lifers. You can't find them where I live so I'll have to travel in order to see one of these again.

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