December 29, 2009

Feeder Watching and Christmas Bird Counting

With all of the snow recently, going out birding is a bit impractical since most good birding spots are along gravel roads which do not get plowed to often. Instead of risking my life on the hazardous roads I have just been doing some birding around my home and have found some nice birds recently. The best was the Tufted Titmouse which is a rare bird where I live. To read more about it go to this link which is to a past blog post about the bird:
A lot of birds have been drawn to the feeders because of the storm including Common Grackle, Red-winged Blackbird, and Brown-headed Cowbird. I wouldn't be surprised if a Rusty Blackbird showed up but none have visited yet.
An American Tree Sparrow (the first at the feeders this winter) was feeding with the juncos this morning. One of the juncos was cooperative enough for me to get a nice picture of it.

Away from the feeders in the yard I saw some pheasant tracks. This was the first time I have proof that there was a pheasant in my yard. I have found feathers before but they may have blown in from somewhere else.

Before the storm I saw 32 Eurasian-collared Doves in the neighbor's tree. Not all birds are in the photo but it gives you a good idea of how many there were .Also before the storm I went on the Sioux City CBC. I wasn't out long since I had some other things to do that day but we did pick up 25 or so species including the Northern Shrike below.
This Eastern Cottontail was also seen on the CBC and posed nicely for a picture.
I really don't have time to keep blogging today (I have somewhere to go) so I will have to call that good for now!


TonyC said...

Hi Tucker. !st visit to your blog. Great work!! I love your header photot. You are so lucky to see so many owls. They are very few and far between in australia. I'll definately be visiting you again.

Jann said...

Really great photos Tucker. I'd love to see a titmouse some day. Have a great 2010!

Jo-Anne said...

Hi Tucker. Great blog! It's now the start of Year 16 for me with the true love of birding! Local CBC here was back on Dec. 19th - area I was counting ended up with 41 species and 3,613 birds ... an awesome day!

Tucker L said...

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog. Jo-Anne, tomorrow I am going to be participating in a CBC here in Iowa. The only bad thing is that the overnight low is going to be -23 farenheit and the high for tommorow is going to be -3 with a -37 degree wind chill!