April 2, 2009

Bird Photo Quiz 2 Answer

Congratulations to Chris W once again for being the first one to identify the bird as a Rough-legged Hawk! Bill Bossman also correctly identified it as well. I got a couple up-close shots of the same bird before it flew away and caught the mouse as it hovered right outside the car. I am not going into details on how to identify this bird since I don't have the time right now so maybe later. This hawk literally hovered right out side the window as we got shots of it from 15 feet away. It didn't come over to my window however, so I had to try to take photos around the driver. In the shot below the "rough legs" which they are named for are very apparent.
Here is a photo of the hawk when he landed to consume the rodent you saw him carrying in the photo quiz.

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Lynne said...

Those are unbelievable photos!
Great job.