April 9, 2009

Bird Photo Quiz 3

As you can clearly see this photo quiz has gulls in it. But can you identify them all? Since the picture is small in the post, click on it to make it larger to help you see field marks. It was taken in Iowa in late October. Post a comment to answer. All birds are on the ABA checklist which can be accessed by going to:


Lynne said...

Sorry Tucker, I know I should try, but gulls make my eyes glaze over. I'll bet Mike Hendrickson can id them with his eyes closed!

There's just no hope for me and gulls!

John G said...

K, here goes (left-right):

Ad. Black-legged Kittiwake
1st-cyc Ring-billed Gull
Ad Franklin's Gull
Ad Ring-billed Gull