April 11, 2009

Injured Grackle

I came across an injured grackle this morning while going down to get the newspaper. It appeared to have a broken wing, although in the picture it is hard to see. I got a few photos of him but decided to leave him alone since he apparently didn't like my company. Grackles more than any other birds around my place have hit windows. They usually don't die but are so stunned it takes them a minute to leave. The other day we had two grackles hit windows on our house at the same time!

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twilightgecko said...

just wondering, have you ever looked into a bird rehabilitator? we have one here in upstate n.y., i've taken care of a blue jay and a crow myself.. but i've taken robins and pigeons and other small birds to the rehab..
just wondering..
very nice bird photos btw..