April 6, 2009

The Blizzard That Wasn't

This past week people all over the Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota tri state region were preparing for a huge late season blizzard that was going to bring over a foot of snow, and drifts even deeper than that. Everyone got their errands done and stocked up an supplies a day beforehand so that they wouldn't have to go out in the snow and wind. When Saturday night (the night the blizzard was going to be) came people expected the worst-power outages, car wrecks, nuclear warfare, etc. We all watched the weather closely as the storm barreled towards us and waited for the first flakes to fly. When the light of day came the next morning we all emerged from our homes to find the indescribable scene of devastation that you see pictured below (be advised it is graphic). As you can tell there was no snow and no power outages, car wrecks, or nuclear warfare during the night. If fact everything was pretty normal outside, it was just a bit colder and windier than the past few days. Hooray for bad weather forecasts!